Your business can become mobile with the click of a button

From our fitness app template, you have the ability to create and customize a mobile application for your facility or business by selecting from available features to drag and drop them into a simulated version of your business mobile app. From there you can customize the colors and background to fit you brands theme and place your logo to enhance the brand recognition with your customers. Once finalized, you submit your design and you’re on your way to creating your business mobile.

Mange and monitor your technology seamlessly

With our platform you are able to manage and configure beacon devices within your network, provision them and tailor the message that they are sending to your customers.

Analytics and Reports help make your business operate more efficient

Our reporting and analytics data allows you to understand your customers and your business better by creating a greater understanding of habits so you can better serve and be more efficient.

Providing members critical information has never been easier

Being able to provide your members with the ability to have up to date information about classes including session times, instructors, availability, as well as allow the club to create revenue from classes that are for purchase. This feature allows you to manage classes and provide your members with the information that in the past they had to call the club to obtain.

Managing your employee schedules allows for greater revenue opportunities

Here we allow employees (trainers) to provide their schedule to show availability to members looking for schedule services with them. This visibility creates opportunities to generate extra revenue for your business.

Generate revenue with Digital Workouts provided by your trainers in their downtime

The ability for trainers to be able to build workout for members of your business is a service that can generate revenue and expand your personal training clients by providing workouts to a larger percentage of your membership base. Digital workouts establish report and can lead to other training services and revenue.

Management and Follow-up is key within the service industry

Create an easy and manageable way for trainer to stay engaged with members and be able to provide timely services that seamless establish and retain a connection to their member clients.